The Canada Pavilion: Why explore the European market

Video transcript

[Video opens with a tractor harvesting a field at sunrise.]

[Rhythmic music begins to play.]

Will Stenason: A lot of companies get really focused on their domestic business…

[Cut to an aerial clip of a truck driving by farming fields.]

[Cut to a clip of a shipping crate yard.]

...and what they should realize is that there’s a lot of opportunities…

[Cut to a timelapse of a ship being loaded with crates.]

[Cut to close-up animation of shipping container being lifted through the air.]

...for good solid Canadian brands to expand their distribution in other countries.

[Cut to ship starting its voyage.]

[Cut to animation of small beams of light traveling all around the globe.]

Mathieu: There’s a really excellent opportunity here in Europe. We set ourselves apart...

[Cut to clip of man in Canoe in Banff National Park.] the product coming from Canada...

[Cut to woman with arms raised on a river bank with a beautiful mountain in the background.]’s a clean, a very natural, a very beautiful place where we have fresh clean water…

[Cut to aerial shot of farm fields with wind turbines in the distance.]

...and wide open spaces and...

[Cut to a family around a table in a log cabin enjoying cheese fondue.]

…really high quality standards.

[Cut to a panning clip of a grocery store aisle. A blue banner appears across the screen.]

Text on screen: The Canada Pavilion.

[Text on banner quickly changes.]

Text on screen: Why explore the European market?

[Banner fades away off the screen.]

[Cut to shot of Murray Ratuski outside SIAL, Paris trade show. Blue banner appears in bottom left corner of the screen.]

Text on screen: Murray Ratuski. President, Floating Leaf Fine Foods.

Murray: We’re a vast country but, you know, population we’re restricted...

[Cut to woman staring out sunny plane window.] if you’re looking for growth, the world is your playground.

[Cut to animation of plane landing at sunset.]

[Cut to clip of Will Stenason outside the SIAL, Paris trade show. Blue banner re-appears at bottom of screen]

Text on screen: Will Stenason. President, WS Global Export Services

Will Stenason: It’s great for your trademark, it is incremental business, it’s great for learning.

[Cut to clip of bottles of product being placed into a box.]

[Cut to aerial time lapse of shipping container yard.]

It just gives you a different perspective that sometimes you don’t always see when you’re very focused on your domestic business.

[Cut to Mathieu Paré outside SIAL, Paris. Blue Banner returns to bottom corner of screen with text.]

Text on screen: Mathieu Paré. Director, Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

Mathieu: This is an excellent market to consider and to focus on...

[Cut to clip of people visiting Canada's booth at SIAL.]

...and I think working with the Canadian Ag pavilion...

[Cut to time lapse of SIAL trade show.]

...has really made it easier for us to connect in this market.

[Cut to clip of plane flying over a wheat field.]

[Banner reappears.]

Text on banner: Learn More

[Text on banner changes, clip pans to follow plane as it goes overhead.]

Text on banner:

[Cut back to Murray at SIAL.]

Murray: Europe is so close to us, they recognize Canada as being quality product, quality manufacturing, so I would certainly encourage it.

[Screen fades into the Canada wordmark. The uplifting, rhythmic music fades out.]

Text on screen: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2020)

[Screen fades to black.]