The Canada Pavilion: Your link to the world’s premier food and beverage events

Video transcript

[Video opens with shot of person brushing arm over tops of wheat at sunset]

[Upbeat, rhythmic music begins.]

Narrator: Canadian food has a reputation for excellence.

[Cut to child running through wheat field holding a toy plane.]

So let's bring it... to the world.

[Child throws toy plane, sun flashes over lens and changes into a shot of a real plane taking off.]

[Cut to clip of skyline view of busy cities.]

[Cut to timelapse of trade show set up.]

[A blue banner extends across the screen and text fades onto it.]

Text on screen: The Canada Pavilion

[Banner slides away with words.]

The Canada Pavilion Program helps launch your food products....

[Cut to timelapse of trade show , now set up and full of attendees.]

...into new markets.

[Cut to slideshow of images of Canadian exhibitors at trade shows.]

[Cut to three people in an office shaking hands]

[A blue banner crosses half the screen, text fades onto banner.]

Text on screen: financial support

Exhibitors benefit from financing...

[Screen slideshow changes again to images of exhibitors networking at booths. Text on blue banner changes.]

Text on screen: networking sessions


[Screen slideshow changes to woman giving a presentation in a board room with a screen and people watching.Text on blue banner changes.]

Text on screen: market intelligence

…and market insight.

[Screen changes to clip of business people walking through an airport at sunset.]

The Pavilion program travels to seven premiere...

[Blue banner fades back on to screen with new text.]

Text on screen: 7 Biggest Food Trade Shows in the World food and beverage events.

[Screen changes to clip of luggage rolling down a conveyer belt.]

[Banner fades away.]

So pack your bags...

[Cut to clip of food product being packaged and moved down a conveyer belt.]

...and pack your products...

[Cut to a close up of a blue eye opening wide.]

...because we're going…

[Iris of eye turns into a rotating animation of the globe.]

…to where the world shops.

[Cut to image of a skyscraper in Dubai, blue banner appears back on screen.]

Text on banner: Gulfood. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

[Cut to image of hundreds of people waiting in line to go inside a trade show.]

Text on banner: Foodex Japan. Tokyo, Japan.

[Cut to image of a Singapore gardens.]

Text on banner: Food & Hotel Asia. Singapore.

[Cut to image of downtown Seoul.]

Text on banner: Seoul Food & Hotel. Seoul, South Korea

[Cut to a skyline shot of Paris.]

Text on banner: Sial. Paris, France

[Cut to time lapse of people walking outside a German train station.]

Text on banner: Anuga. Cologne, Germany.

[Cut to clip of Shanghai sky line at sunset.]

Text on banner: Food and Hotel China. Shanghai, China.

[Banner fades away.]

We look forward to seeing you here...

[Cut to inside Foodex Japan.]

...and here...

[Cut to inside SIAL trade show.]

…and here!

[Cut to clip of plane flying over a wheat field.]

[Banner reappears.]

Text on banner: Learn More

[Text on banner changes, clip pans to follow plane as it goes overhead.]

Text on banner:

So contact us today, and register for the Canada Pavilion.

[Screen fades into the Canada wordmark. The uplifting, rhythmic music fades out.]

Text on screen: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2020)