AgriCommunication Program: Step 2. Who is eligible

Step 2. Who is eligible

Eligible applicants under the AgriCommunication Program are not-for-profit organizations that operate nationally in Canada. They may include:

  • associations
  • Indigenous groups

The program will also support activities undertaken by national domestic agricultural fairs and exhibitions which have broad agriculture awareness activities, which will help strengthen public trust about the origin of the food they eat and how it is produced. Eligible applicants must be legal entities capable of entering into legally binding agreements.

Consideration may be given to regional not-for-profit associations if there is no representation at the national level, and the applicant can demonstrate the ability to deliver a project that is national, and/or agriculture and agri-food sector wide in scope.

Who is not eligible

The following groups are not eligible to receive funding under the program:

  • academic institutions
  • commodity organizations
  • for-profit organizations
  • individuals