AgriCompetitiveness Program: Step 4. How to apply

Step 4. How to apply

Complete and submit your application

  1. Access your program information
  2. Choose a secure sign-in method
  3. Sign in (or Sign up)
  4. Start a new application process
  5. Complete the AgriCompetitiveness Program Application Form
  6. Download the following forms to your computer:
    • Required: Detailed Project Budget
    • Required: Strategic Plan for AgriCompetitiveness Program Proposal
    • If applicable: Capital asset pre-approval for grants and contributions programs
  7. Complete and save the forms on your computer
  8. Upload the forms and the following documents:
    • Required: the organization's Certificates or Articles of Incorporation or alternative
    • Required: the last 2 years' financial statements
    • If available: Project Endorsement Letters / Letters of Support
  9. Complete the application details
  10. Submit your complete application

For details about the application form, refer to Complete the application and apply.

If you need help to complete and submit the application form, please contact the AAFC Contact Centre.