How to Submit a Detailed Application Form using the Dairy Farm Investment Program Online System (video)

Video transcript

This video is for dairy farmers who have been selected to submit a Detailed Application Form for the Dairy Farm Investment Program.

The Detailed Application Form has eight steps.

This video walks you through each step and gives you useful tips.

It aims to help you submit a successful Detailed Application Form.

Important, the Detailed Application Form total project costs cannot exceed the amount submitted on your Project Request Form.

To get started you will need to click on "Create" under application status.

Please refer to the Phase 2 Applicant guide when completing your Detailed Application Form.

Only complete Detailed Application Forms will be accepted.
To navigate through the steps, use the buttons at the bottom of the page.

In step two, you will provide information about your facility and a short description of your project.

Step three includes three sections. These sections require the most input and attention.

In the Project quotes and invoices section, the invoice line will be prepopulated with information from your project request form.

You can edit or delete project invoices.

The Invoice and Budget summary screen will enable you to upload quotes and invoices for your project.

Enter the following information for each quote or invoice

  • Quote or invoice number
  • Equipment details
  • Associated costs
  • Other costs

Accepted file formats can be PDF, JPG or PNG. It is your responsibility to ensure all documents are legible.

Remember to save each quote/invoice and details before adding a new one.

Your budget summary will pre-populate from your total project costs.

For your sources of funding, you will be asked to indicate the total of other government funding for your project, if applicable.

In step 4, there are three questions to answer. You will then need to acknowledge your responsibility to comply with all environmental laws and regulations by clicking the box below.

In step 5, you will need to respond to questions about productivity and outcomes.

In step 6, you will declare any unpaid debt to the federal government, or any lobbying activities.
By clicking the boxes below, you will provide your agreement to privacy and copyright laws and your declaration and signature.

In step 7 you will upload attachments.

You are required to upload the following documents:

  • your Dairy License document
  • your monthly Milk Pay Statement

In step 8 you will have the option to review your Detailed Application Form before submitting.

If no errors are detected, you can submit your form.
Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email.

For more information about the Dairy Farm Investment Program or assistance with your Detailed Application Form, please visit:
or call: 1-877-246-4682