Supply Management Processing Investment Fund – Step 3. How to apply

Step 3. How to apply

Intake period: Open

Before you apply, please read the Applicant guide for detailed information on eligibility criteria, funding available, and the application process.

The Supply Management Processing Investment Fund has a 2-stage application process:

  • Stage 1: Complete a Project Summary Form
  • Stage 2: Complete a Project Application package

Stage 1: Complete and submit a Project Summary Form

The Project Summary Form helps to determine your project's eligibility and alignment with program criteria and priorities. Following the submission of your Project Summary Form, you will be contacted by a program officer to discuss your project. You may be invited to submit a Project Application package.

Email your completed Project Summary Form to

Please contact the program if you need help to complete and submit the Project Summary Form.

Stage 2: Complete a Project Application Package

If you are invited to submit a Project Application package, the program will send you the forms and instructions to submit a complete application.

Once you submit your application, you will be notified if your application is complete or if you are missing information. If your application is incomplete, you will have 30 business days to provide the missing information before your file is closed.

The following supporting documents are required as part of a complete application:

  • Application form, including:
    • Work Plan listing all activities and detailed description of the work to be undertaken
    • Financing Plan
    • Performance Objectives
  • Business Plan, including:
    • Diagram of the applicant's corporate structure
    • Organizational chart
  • Certificate or Articles of Incorporation
  • 2 complete Financial Statements (which will cover three years of revenues)
    • Including balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow
  • Pro Forma Financial Statements for 3 years after project completion
  • Detailed Budget with forecasted total project costs by cost category and fiscal year
  • Copies of financing agreements related to the project financing plan
  • Quotes, estimates and/or contracts supporting the costs of the project
  • Federal or provincial processing licence

Application packages will be accepted on a continuous basis from the launch of the program until funding has been fully committed or until otherwise announced by the program.

Please note that even if a project meets all eligibility criteria, the submission of an application creates no obligation on the part of the Minister or of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada officials to provide funding for the proposed project. The Minister retains discretion to determine, based on other public policy and public interest considerations, whether an application that meets the criteria identified in the guides will ultimately receive funding.