Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures (DAOMC)

The Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures (DAOMC) is the largest collection of its kind in Canada and acts as a repository and distributor of fungal genetic resources for national and international researchers. The DAOMC maintains over 20,000 living fungal cultures, encompassing approximately 4,000 species and 600 ex-type strains. These include strains of significance to agriculture and the environment, representatives of species subjected to quarantine, and strains preserved for patent purposes. Clients include researchers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, federal and provincial departments, universities and the private sector.

The Canadian Collection of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (CCAMF) also operates under the umbrella of this collection.

The DAOMC follows international standards and uses at least two methods of preservation including:

  • living slants and sterile mineral oil overlay
  • lyophilisation (freeze-drying) for sporulating species
  • liquid nitrogen (vapour phase) for all strains

The DAOMC responds to over 150 clients a year; providing advice, authenticated strains for research projects and deposition of research fungal strains excluding the Yeasts.

To place an order from or to deposit material to the Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures please contact

For ordering fungal strains, in your correspondence please indicate the Genus and Species of the material you are looking for, any related information such as locations, environment or hosts they may have been isolated from and a short description of the research you plan to carry out.

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Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures
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