Living Laboratories Initiative

The Living Laboratories Initiative uses a new approach to agricultural innovation in Canada. The program brings together farmers, scientists, and other collaborators to co-develop and test innovative practices and technologies to address agri-environmental issues, including: mitigating and adapting to climate change, protecting soil and water quality, and maximizing biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.

About the approach

Core principles, innovation cycle, expected results

International engagement

Current partnerships, international collaboration opportunities

Socio-economic factors

Understanding costs, benefits, social factors and social impacts

National network of Living Labs



Located on Prince Edward Island near the Dunk River, Kensington North and Souris watersheds.

Eastern Prairies

Located in southern Manitoba near the Main Drain, North Shannon, Swan Lake and Upper Oak watersheds.


Located near the Rivière du Bois-Blanc, Rivière Pot au Beurre, and South Shore of Lac Saint-Pierre watersheds.


Located in agricultural lands in the Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair basins.