Living Laboratories: The Value of Research Collaboration

Video transcript

[Rhythmic music starts.]

[The camera pans across fields on P.E.I. A bubble with a cartoon farm inside pops up. Text slides out beside it.]

Text on screen: Living Laboratories, the value of research collaboration

Derrick Curley: One thing that this project really does…

[Derrick walks through a field. He picks up a potato.]

… is bring farmer’s real life, tangible, commercial experience…

[Judith Nyiraneza retrieves soil samples from a laboratory shelf.]

… and overlap it with the research side and the science side.

[Derrick crosses his arms and holds up a potato. Text appears beneath him.]

Text on screen: Derrick Curley, Owner/Operator, Monaghan Farms

My name is Derrik Curley. I’m a sixth generation potato farmer.

[Judith crosses her arms and smiles at the camera. Text appears beneath her.]

Text on screen: Dr. Judith Nyiraneza, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Judith: My name is Judith Nyiraneza, and I’m a scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Charlottetown.

[Judith works in a lab. Then the camera cuts to a view of a field.]

Living Labs is an agricultural research concept that brings scientists…

[Judith carries samples through a lab.]

… and stakeholders together…

[Derrick exits his truck at a potato field.]

… to address agro-environmental issues they are facing.

[Judith works with another team member in a field.]

Derrick: There are several factors that are affecting P.E.I. potato producers.

[Derrick picks up potatoes from a field. A large harvesting machine sends many potatoes along a conveyor belt.]

I’d say the most direct issue would be…

[Cut to a dry field lined with industrial sprinklers.]

… the lack of moisture coming in the summer.

[Judith holds up a potato for the camera.]

Judith: Our research activities have an overall objective…

[Judith takes soil samples in a field.]

… to enhance soil health and water quality.

[The camera pans over a harvested field. Then over a field lined with industrial sprinklers.]

To address this objective…

[Close-up of Judith’s soil samples.]

… we are testing different potation rotation systems…

[Hands grab potatoes from the ground.]

… to increase potato yield and quality…

[A pile of potatoes travel up a conveyor.]

… but also to enhance soil health.

[Judith analyses soil samples in a lab. A clip of a tractor driving past a farm slides on screen.]

Derrick: The main objective of Living Lab is a good opportunity for farmers…

[Derrik walks through a harvested potato field.]

… to continue what they have been doing…

[Tractors and trucks harvest potatoes.]

… as far as using the latest agronomic practices, but as well…

[Derrick sifts through the soil of a harvested field.]

… sit down and share information with researchers…

[Judith compares two soil samples in the lab.]

… and work towards a common goal.

[Judith weighs samples on a scale.]

Judith: It does make the project more integrated, because you are tackling issues with many professionals…

[Close-up of the Monaghan Farms sign.]

… having different expertise.

[Close-up of the Charlottetown Research and Development Centre sign.]

The value for the Living Lab approach…

[Judith carries a tray of beakers through the lab.]

… is really a win-win situation between scientists and growers.

[Derrick walks away from a large hangar filled with potatoes. After he disappears, text appears on screen.]

Text on screen: Find out more:

[Cut to the Canada wordmark. The rhythmic music fades out.]