Agribusiness Site Explorer

The Agribusiness Site Explorer is an interactive map-based tool that provides potential investors with information and data on different geographical sites across Canada. The application allows you to compare locations across Canada to help make an informed decision when investing in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector.

You can use the tool to gather information on:

  • Canada’s agricultural production capacity
  • manufacturing capabilities and supply chains for potential investment opportunities
  • processing facilities and local businesses
  • transportation infrastructure and distance to borders and ports
  • storage and warehouse locations
  • demographic information, including local median income and tax rates

Invest in Canada

  • Premier location for direct investment
  • Low research and development costs
  • Accessible export markets
  • Highly skilled and educated workforce
  • Wealth of natural resources
  • Strong support for innovation

How to get started

The application contains multiple sets of map-ready data that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. The information is available in a manner that can be highlighted, mapped and queried.

Note: this application is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

All sectors

Agribusiness Site Explorer: All sectors

Access this page to use the tool with all available datasets to find information about geographic sites across Canada

Key subsectors

In order provide a more curated view of data indicators and data indicators, different versions of the tool have are available that showcase only data and information pertinent to specific key subsectors.

Protein fractionation

Datasets relevant to the protein fractionation and production of plant-based goods


Datasets relevant to the oilseeds processing industry


Functional foods

Datasets relevant to the functional foods industry, including nutraceuticals and other health food products

Additional resource

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