Canada's agriculture sectors

Agriculture industry by sector, data on international markets, initiatives to support awareness of the industry in Canada.


Services and information

Sector overview

What the Canadian industry encompasses, the economic impact, the way food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed

Sector data, market information and economic analysis

Reports on markets, data, trends and trade analysis, economic reporting, sector intelligence

Consumer trends and behaviours

Data and analysis from research on trends towards Canadian agriculture and agri-foods

Agri-food system

The production, distribution and consumption of Canadian food, including supply chains and retail

Agribusiness Site Explorer

Interactive map-based tool that provides agribusiness data and information on geographical sites across Canada

Sector Engagement Tables

Dialogues between sector representatives and government to advance sector growth and competitiveness

COVID-19 information for the agriculture and agri-food industry

To support producers, processors and agri-food business facing challenges as a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak

Specific sectors

Animal industry

Dairy, livestock breeding, statistical and market information, poultry, eggs, red meat, livestock, African Swine Fever


Forecast for principal field crops, feed grain facts, current and historical Canadian grain data

Food processing

Processed food and beverages, regulatory requirements and approval process, Spirit Drinks Trade Act


Sector overviews, market information (Infohort), statistical reports and data