Canadian food system

The production, distribution and consumption of Canadian food, including supply chains and retail.

Overview of the Canadian agri-food system

Number of jobs it creates and economic value it generates

Canada’s National Pathways

Canada’s existing commitments and new initiatives to address key challenges we face in food systems

Food Policy for Canada

A roadmap for a healthier and more sustainable food system for Canada

Food production, distribution and consumption

Taste the Commitment

Discover how Canadian farmers and agricultural businesses are growing a better future

Food waste reduction challenge

A challenge to accelerate and advance the deployment of diverse and high-impact solutions to food waste in Canada

Local Food Infrastructure Fund

A program to support a wide range of community-led projects that improve access to safe, healthy, and culturally diverse food

Fields of Science

Meet Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientists, discover their work and how they make sure the food you eat is safe, high quality, and produced in sustainable ways

Food Price Data Hub

The Food Price Data Hub provides access to detailed statistics on the price of food items, and the rate of change in food prices along the various stages of the food supply chain, including farm product prices

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