Food processing industry

Processed food and beverages, industry overview, trends and market analysis, regulatory requirements and approval process, Spirit Drinks Trade Act.

Services and information

Industry overview

Overview of the Canadian processed food and beverage industry and its significance for Canada

Trends and market analysis

Emerging trends, consumer preferences and market opportunities for the food processing sector

Navigating through food regulatory requirements

Resources, regulatory approval processes, scientific substantiation, innovative food products, market access, food processing facilities

Spirit Drinks Trade Act Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Guidance on the legislative requirements, use of names of spirit drinks, list of the protected spirit drink names, options for compliance, roles and functions of decision makers, non-compliance

Request for Protection of a Geographical Indication

Process, request submission, sample forms for wines or agricultural products, fees, documents


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Additional information

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2017 - Canada (Statistics Canada)

Provides a description of the classification system and, in particular, how the food and beverage industries are defined and further subdivided within the classification