AgriInsurance Program

AgriInsurance is a federal-provincial-producer cost-shared program that stabilizes a producer's income by minimizing the economic effects of primarily production losses caused by severe but uncontrollable natural hazards. Some examples of possible eligible perils are drought, flood, wind, frost, excessive rain, heat, snow, uncontrolled disease, insect infestations and wildlife. Producers get a payment when they experience a production loss during the year. We contribute a portion of total premiums and administrative costs to this provincially delivered program. We also provide a reinsurance arrangement (deficit financing) to provinces. Currently, five provinces participate in the reinsurance arrangement:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan

Each province develops and delivers AgriInsurance plans in accordance with the Farm Income Protection Act, the Canada Production Insurance Regulations and Multilateral Framework Agreements to meet the needs of the producers in that province. These plans help to cover production losses as well as loss of product quality and both yield and non-yield based plans are offered. These plans cover traditional crops such as:

  • wheat
  • corn
  • oats
  • barley

as well as horticultural crops such as:

  • lettuce
  • strawberries
  • carrots
  • eggplants

Some provinces also provide coverage for bee mortality as well as maple syrup production.

In working to expand the program beyond crops, we developed directives for offering livestock production insurance. Under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, there are clear guidelines for provinces to develop and implement livestock plans under AgriInsurance.


The objective of the AgriInsurance (formerly Production Insurance and Crop Insurance) program is to mitigate the financial impacts of production losses by providing affordable insurance protection and by offering reinsurance.

Who is eligible

The program is currently available to most producers in all provinces. Eligibility criteria for this program, as established at the provincial level, will continue to evolve as provinces add new commodities to their lists of insurable agricultural products. For details on the plans available in a specific province, go to the Contact information section for a list of links.

Available funding

The federal and provincial governments help to make production insurance affordable by sharing the cost of premiums with producers and by co-funding program administration.

Program delivery

Each province currently has either a Crown Corporation or a branch of the provincial agriculture department responsible for administering the AgriInsurance program. The federal government's role is to provide program oversight by ensuring that the obligations under Farm Income Protection Act, the Canada Production Insurance Regulations and the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Framework Agreement (currently the Canadian Agricultural Partnership) are respected.


In July 1959, the federal government passed the Crop Insurance Act. The Act would assist the provinces in making affordable crop insurance available to producers. Under this legislation, the federal government was prepared to enter into agreements with any province that established a crop insurance program.

Federally, the Crop Insurance Program evolved into the Production Insurance Program and the AgriInsurance program was introduced at the beginning of fiscal year 2007-08. The Federal AgriInsurance program falls under Farm Income Protection Act, and is guided by the Canada Production Insurance Regulations and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The program has built on past experiences and evolved into the effective and responsive program that we have today.

Contact information

AgriInsurance is delivered provincially. Please visit the provincial administration website.

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