Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site Management Plan (12 of 20)


IV.1 Review of Planning Scenarios

The four planning scenarios were presented to a variety of audiences, such as CEFAC and ACPDR. The most critical meeting was with a senior management team at AAFC. These are people who operate at a strategic level within the Department, and are interested in questions of identity and vision. They examined each scenario closely in terms of the vision it represented, confirming whether or not it contradicted other visions that are providing strategic direction to the Department.

In the end, decisions about visions and identity are political. In the case of cultural landscapes, they are about the political construction of space, the mapping of territory in a certain way. In the case of the Central Experimental Farm, the place exists beyond on the map of Ottawa - it is on the map of Canada. It is therefore appropriate that the decision be made at a national level within the Department.