Agricultural Clean Technology Program: Research and Innovation Stream: Applicant guide annexes

Annex A: Cost categories

Note: For the purpose of completing the Project Summary form and Annex B–Budget, of the project application package, eligible costs are limited to the following 5 cost categories:

  • Administrative costs
    • administrative costs will be calculated automatically at a flat rate of 10% (shared between AAFC and the applicant at the project cost sharing rate). This rate covers costs of project management and administrative staff salaries (managing and reporting) for individuals engaged in work necessary to manage activities outlined in the work plan, but not directly related to specific project activities, and use of office accommodations, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Salaries and benefits
    • salaries and benefits directly related to completing the project activities (other than Administrative costs)
  • Contracted services
    • professional or specialized services for which a contract is entered into, such as consultant/expert services
  • Capital assets
    • capital assets are tangible assets that are purchased, constructed, developed or otherwise acquired and are required for the execution of the project.
  • Other direct project costs
    • other project-related costs such as translation, registration fees, or other direct project costs

More details on eligible and ineligible costs, etc., will be provided with an application package.

Annex B: Application process

Application deadline

Applications to the program will be accepted on a continuous basis until funding has been fully allocated or until otherwise announced by the program.

All projects under the R&I Stream must be completed by March 31, 2028.

Eligibility criteria

Before beginning the Project Summary form, decide if the project meets the eligibility criteria detailed in Section 1.2 and Section 1.3 of the Research and Innovation (R&I) Applicant guide.

Application process

The 2 step application process for the R&I Stream is as follows:

  1. Complete and submit a Project Summary form
  2. Complete and submit the Project Application package

1. Complete the Project Summary form

PDF forms

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  • You must save the file on your computer in a place you can remember.
  • Open the file on your computer using Adobe Reader 11 or higher.
  • If you can't open the form with Adobe Reader 11 or higher, contact the program.

How to download and open a PDF form

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The Project Summary form (PDF) will be used to screen your project's eligibility, fit and readiness to apply for funding under the R&I Stream.

Submit the completed Project Summary form (PDF) by email to:

Program staff will contact you to discuss the proposed project. Applications to meet the priorities and eligibility criteria of the program may be invited to proceed and submit a project application package.

2. Complete a project application package

If you are invited to proceed, program staff will provide the project application package, along with instructions on completing the Project Application form and other required documents.

Required documents

Project application packages will require submission of the following documents:

Document Description
Project Application Form

A completed application form, signed by the applicants' authorized representative(s).

Work plan (Annex A) A completed work plan listing:
  • all activities
  • activity lead(s)
  • principal investigator(s)
  • contractor(s)
  • detailed description of the work undertaken
  • research methodology (if applicable)
Budget (Annex B)

A completed budget with forecasted total project costs by:

  • activity
  • cost category
  • fiscal year
  • sources of funding
GHG Outcomes Worksheet A completed worksheet to provide AAFC with data to calculate the estimated GHG impact resulting from the proposed project.
Business plan The business plan must demonstrate market need/demand and/or research data, trial tests and analysis information substantiating the innovation component of the project and its readiness for demonstration, commercialization and eventually adoption.
Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation A copy of the applicant organization's Certificates and Articles of Incorporation. These are issued and filed, respectively, by or with a provincial, territorial or federal government that document the applicant's status as a legal entity.
Financial statements

The organization's annual financial statements (audited or review engagement) for the past 2 years or since the date of organization start-up. Statements must include an income statement, a balance sheet, and a cash flow.

Where audited or review engagement statements are not available, the program may exercise discretion to accept alternatives.

Letters of financial support
  • Letters of financial support from all organizations providing a cash contribution to the project as per the Budget (if applicable).
  • Letters outlining confirmed cash contributions to the project, other than the applicant organization must be provided.
  • The letters must make specific reference to the proposed project and indicate the amount of the cash contribution.
  • The letters must come from a senior executive authorized to sign the letter on behalf of the organization.
Project endorsement letters/ Letters of support Letters of support from organizations indicating they believe there is a need for the proposed project for the sector.
Capital asset pre-approval For capital costs to be purchased for the project that are $10,000 or more.
Note: AAFC reserves the right to request supplementary documentation, as needed, to support the assessment process. All information collected will be treated with respect to ensuring that personal information is safe and secure and that privacy is respected.

Annex C: How to complete the Project Summary form

Project Summary form - Things to remember

  • Save as you go: The Project Summary Form allows you to create a draft. You can save it and return later to complete or revise it, print it and submit it.
  • There are character limits provided: The answer blocks have a set overall maximum length. Each section displays its maximum number of characters allowed. Spaces and hard returns are counted as characters and add to the total number of characters.
  • Review the form before submitting: Once the Project Summary form is complete you may email it to:
  • Keep a record of the Project Summary form: Save a copy of the completed Project Summary form and the email for your records. A program representative will contact you within 2 to 3 business days. No supporting documents are requested at this stage.

Project Summary form – instructions

Applicant information

Legal name

Identify the legal name of the applicant, as it appears in legal documents, such as letters of incorporation.

Organization type
  • See Section 1.3 of the Applicant guide to determine if you are eligible to apply under this program.
  • Identify if the majority (over 50%) of your Organization is owned or led by one or more under-represented groups
Number of employees in the Organization

Enter the current number of employees that work in the Organization.

Organization website (if applicable)

Enter the organization's website address.

Primary contact information

Enter the name, title, telephone number, email address and language preference of the primary contact person for liaising with AAFC on matters involving the application. The person named should be an authorized official of the organization, who has full authority to bind said organization through funding agreements.

Project information
  • Enter the primary project location as applicable.
  • Enter the proposed start and end dates for your project. Note that all projects must be completed by March 31, 2028.
  • Identify which of the program priorities your project addresses.
  • Identify the current stage of development of your technology.
  • Briefly describe the objective of the project and the technology or process it's displacing.
  • Outline the proposed activities the funding would support and describe your approach in plain language.
  • List expected results and outcomes (including estimated GHG emissions reduction). Explain how the project will benefit Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector. Include references to any reports, studies and/or findings that support your claims.
  • Advise if you own any created, invested, authored, or developed intellectual property for this proposal or if you plan to own the intellectual property that will be produced from the proposed project.
  • List any market validation you have completed to support interest in your new technology.
  • List and provide details of other clean technology your organization has developed.
  • Identify if an internal or external (contracted) team will be working on the research and development of this project (if applicable) and provide details; who, where, etc.
Financial information
  • Identify the estimated total project cost and how much funding you are seeking from AAFC.
  • Identify if you have applied for, or received, previous funding via other AAFC or Government programs.
  • Identify whether you have secured your portion of the financing, and identify the source(s).
  • Identify if your organization has audited or review engagement financial statements for the last 2 years or since the date of organization start-up.

AAFC may consult external experts as part of the assessment process (for example other government departments and agencies). Any sharing of information would adhere to the appropriate privacy and confidentiality standards.