Dairy Direct Payment Program: Step 3. Before you register

Step 3. Before you register

Intake period: Closed

The intake period for the Dairy Direct Payment Program is now closed.


Eligible producers will receive a letter in the mail in the fall of 2023 confirming their eligibility and detailed instructions on how to register.

To receive a payment, you must sign and return your completed registration no later than March 31, 2024. You'll have the choice to receive your payment electronically (direct deposit) or by mail (cheque).

What to do if you didn’t receive a letter

To receive a new letter, contact the program for assistance by phone at 1-877-246-4682 (TTY 613-773-2600) or by email at info.direct.p@cdc-ccl.gc.ca.

When you receive your letter

What to do if your letter contains incorrect information

To correct the quota figure or your contact information in the portal, contact your provincial milk marketing board directly as soon as possible. Only your provincial milk marketing board can change this information.

Use your anti-phishing code to access the Program Portal

You’ll receive an anti-phishing code in your letter. Anti-phishing ensures that you can access the Program Portal and that your payment is secure.

If the anti-phishing code in your letter does not match the one on the Dairy Direct Payment Program Portal, it is likely because you’re not on the authorized secure program portal. To ensure that you can access the authorized secure program portal, visit the Program Portal.

Use GCKey to log in to your account

You must use a GCKey or one of the sign-in partners such as a bank login. Canada Revenue Agency login credentials cannot be used to login.

Authentication is a secure means to recognize a user who is accessing government services online. The user remains anonymous, and the authentication process confirms that their credentials (username and password) are valid and in the right hands. The authentication process does not reveal or confirm a user's identity to the government website.

The double authentication process is a measure to ensure that the payment is sent to the right person.

What to do if you have Internet or computer issues

If you do not have a computer with an internet connection and would like to register and get your payment, please contact the program at 1-877-246-4682 (TTY 613-773-2600) to receive the form by mail.

If your computer or connection crashes while you register on the portal, your information is safe. Simply start the process again from the beginning using the same GCKey or sign-in partners credentials you have already created. Contact the program at 1-877-246-4682 (TTY 613-773-2600) for assistance with the portal.

If your Participant ID does not work:

  • Try to use a different navigator (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer)
  • Try to log in using a different device (computer, phone or tablet)
  • Try to access the portal through the Program Portal

If none of these options work, communicate with the Contact Centre by phone at 1-877-246-4682 (TTY 613-773-2600) or by email at info.direct.p@cdc-ccl.gc.ca and we will help you.