Plant Gene Resources of Canada

Our purpose is to protect, preserve and enhance the genetic diversity of cultivated plants of importance for Canadian agriculture and their wild relatives. This is done by conserving, acquiring, characterizing, evaluating, researching and documenting these living plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. We provide samples of viable germplasm and its associate information fundamental to breeding new crop varieties and for research within Canada and internationally. This contributes to food security, is important for biodiversity protection and strengthens the sustainability of agriculture.


Services and information

Canadian national gene bank information system – GRIN-Global-CA

Canadian adaptation of the GRIN-Global genebank information system that can be used to query germplasm holdings, passport data, characterization data, evaluation data, taxonomic information and to order germplasm.

Contact information

Three genebanks in the Canadian national plant germplasm system specialize in different crop groups

Canada’s Country Report for the Third Report on the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

This report published in 2022 describes the activities undertaken in Canada regarding conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.