Number of farms, dairy cows and dairy heifers

Overview of the Canadian dairy industry at the farm level.

Image: Map of Canada with number of dairy farms and cattle as described in the table below
The table below represents the data to produce the graph above
Number of dairy farms, cows and heifers by province in Canada - 2023
Number of Farms with Milk Shipments as of Aug 1 437 477 150 232 3,233 4,384 164 198 145 23 9,443
Number of Dairy Cows as of July1 80,100 85,600 28,500 44,600 315,600 361,000 16,200 20,500 12,200 5,200 969,500
Number of Dairy Heifers as of July 1 36,800 41,100 11,900 19,900 145,000 134,400 6,700 8,800 5,900 2,000 412,500
Source: Statistics Canada and Canadian Dairy Commission
Calculations done by AAFC-AID , Market Information Section

Number farms, dairy cows & heifers

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Number of dairy cows and heifers by province (Annual, report D042)
Report displays number of dairy cows or dairy heifers by province for selected number of years on January 1st or July 1st.
Source: Statistics Canada
Number of farms with shipments of milk by province (Annual , report D056)
Report displays number of farms with shipments of milk on August 1st per province for selected number of years.
Source: Canadian Dairy Commission

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