Dairy statistics and market information

Information and statistics related to the Canadian dairy industry including statistics on milk production, quota exchanges and prices, dairy farming revenue, consumption of dairy products, imports and exports and world market prices.

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Services and information

Canadian farms

Statistics on farms in Canada.

Breed improvement and genetic evaluation

Registrations of dairy cows and goats registered as purebred or non-purebred, animal registration information from artificial insemination sires as well as embryo transfers.

Processing sector

Statistics on dairy processing in Canada.

Consumption and prices in the dairy sector

Information and reports on the availability of dairy products per capita in Canada including consumer price index, industrial price index and retail prices of dairy products.

Imports and exports

Canadian dairy trade balance, dairy genetics, world market prices.

World dairy situation

The dairy industry around the world such as farm numbers, dairy cattle population, milk production, dairy cattle breeding and genetic evaluation, processing and consumption.


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