Youth in agriculture

Youth and young farmers are the future of Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector. Your fresh ideas and approaches will help build a strong, innovative sector ready to meet the changing needs of tomorrow, which is why we want your input on future programs and services.


Advance Payments Program

Provides producers with a cash advance based on the value of their agricultural products

AgriDiversity Program

Helps under-represented groups in Canadian agriculture, including youth, women, Indigenous Peoples, and persons with disabilities to fully participate in the sector


Offers protection against production losses caused by hail, drought, flooding, disease and other natural hazards


Helps cover income declines and supports investments that help mitigate risks


Offers protection against declines in farm income as a result of low prices, rising input costs and production losses

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program

Increases availability of loans to new and existing farmers to establish, improve or develop their farms

Canadian Agricultural Youth Council

Provides advice and enables on-going dialogue on food-related challenges and opportunities, as well as agriculture and agri-food sectors' policies and programs

Indigenous Student Recruitment Initiative

Offers Indigenous students work experience that allows for personal growth while contributing to the goals of the department

Youth Employment and Skills Program

Provides funding to organizations for the creation of agricultural internships that provide career-related work experiences to youth and youth facing barriers