Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Labs: Working together

Agricultural Climate Solutions (ACS) – Living Labs will adopt the Living Laboratories Initiative innovation and collaborative approach. The program aims to establish a strong, Canada-wide network of regional collaborations bringing together producers, scientists, and other sectoral stakeholders. ACS – Living Labs will develop regional collaboration hubs, also known as "Living Labs". The aim is for every province in Canada to have at least one collaboration hub. Farmers and farm groups will be at the centre of decision making, innovation and on-farm activities at each hub. ACS – Living Labs will focus on transferring knowledge to other farmers so that they can deploy solutions that are tailored to their region and promote environmental sustainability and resiliency in the agriculture sector.

Projects will involve research and development support from a team of government department scientists led by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Work will take place directly on farms to enable Canadian farmers to participate in the decision making, innovation and research. Their participation, experiences and knowledge sharing will help accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and technologies by Canadian farmers. In addition to the economic benefits of adopting those practices on their farms, action now will help farmers reduce risks over the longer term from extreme weather, such as flooding and drought.

The grant phase (phase 1) closed on June 20, 2022, and its purpose was to support organizations in building capacity, developing networks of participants, and drafting comprehensive project proposals that will be submitted for Phase 2 contribution funding and collaborative research and development support. Phase 1 was an optional grant of up to $100,000 that could be requested by eligible recipients who wished to apply for Phase 2 funding and support. Please note that having received grant funding is not required to be considered for this application process. All applications will be evaluated according to the same criteria.

Grant recipients (phase 1) 2022

The successful grant recipients are:

Recipient organization AAFC funding Location
East Prince Agri-Environment Association $100,000 Prince Edward Island
Eastern Townships Forest Research Trust $87,200 Quebec
Les producteurs de lait du Québec $100,000 Quebec
L'Union des producteurs agricoles $62,033 Quebec
Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association $89,000 Ontario
The Ontario Woodlot Association $100,000 Ontario
Manitoba Association of Watersheds $100,000 Manitoba

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