AgriInvest - Step 4. After you apply

Step 4. After you apply

1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will send you a Deposit Notice

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will process your form and send you a deposit notice showing:

  • how much you can deposit into Fund 1 of your account
  • the deadline to make your deposit

To learn how AAFC will calculate your deposit, visit How is your deposit calculated?

2. Open your AgriInvest account

If you are a new participant:

  • AAFC will send you an Account Initiation Form with your Deposit Notice
  • open your new AgriInvest Account, sign the account initiation form and take it to a participating financial institution

List of participating financial institutions

3. Make your deposit at your financial institution

Make your deposit by your deadline:

  • you have 90 days from the date we issue your Deposit Notice to make a deposit to your AgriInvest account
  • you can only make one deposit by the deadline shown on your Deposit Notice. If you deposit less than your maximum matchable deposit, you cannot make up for it later.

When your financial institution confirms that you made your deposit, AAFC will credit matching government contributions to Fund 2 of your account.

4. Withdraw your funds when you need them

You can withdraw funds from your AgriInvest account any time.

Funds are withdrawn from your account in the following order:

  • Fund 2 - government contributions and interest (included in income for tax purposes)
  • Fund 1 - your deposits (not taxable)

Each year in February, AAFC will send you an annual Statement of Account showing a summary of your account transactions for the year, including any taxable withdrawals you made.