Core Business Risk Management Programs

The core BRM programs are available to help with production and income losses, including those resulting from a disaster.

The Framework is part of a suite of federal-provincial-territorial (FPT) Business Risk Management (BRM) tools under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. AgriRecovery is an FPT disaster relief framework intended to work together with the core BRM programs to help agricultural producers recover from natural disasters.

The core BRM programs are, in part, designed to help producers deal with the income and production losses they experience when disasters occur. AgriRecovery cannot duplicate or replace the assistance provided by these programs.

The focus of AgriRecovery is the extraordinary costs producers must take on to recover from disasters. Extraordinary costs are costs which producers would not incur under normal circumstances, but which are necessary to mitigate the impacts of a disaster and/or resume farming operations as quickly as possible following a disaster. Further, AgriRecovery is intended to respond in situations where producers do not have the capacity to cover the extraordinary costs, even with the assistance available from other programs.

Natural disasters which may be considered under AgriRecovery are those resulting from a disease, pest or weather-related event, such as flooding or a tornado. Events which are cyclical, such as pricing cycles, or part of a long-term trend, such as a change in markets, cannot be considered under AgriRecovery.

AgriRecovery process

AgriRecovery is not a program but a framework which forms the basis by which federal-provincial-territorial governments can work together when natural disasters occur to assess the impacts and determine whether there is need for an AgriRecovery initiative. When there is need, an initiative is put in place to provide targeted assistance to help with the extraordinary costs of recovery.

The main steps of the process for assessing disasters and developing initiatives under the AgriRecovery Framework include:

  1. A provincial or territorial government requests that an assessment of a disaster event be initiated.
  2. A joint assessment is undertaken by the federal and provincial/territorial governments to examine the impacts of the disaster; determine what actions producers must take in order to mitigate the impacts and/or resume production; assess whether producers are able to undertake the actions necessary for recovery with the assistance available through the core BRM programs; and determine whether further assistance is needed to help producers deal with the extraordinary costs of recovery.
  3. The findings from the assessment form the basis on which FPT governments then decide whether or not to implement an AgriRecovery initiative.
  4. If governments decide to proceed, a joint initiative is developed.
  5. The initiative is launched and program materials are made available (for example, terms and conditions, application forms).
  6. Payments are made to eligible producers.

AgriRecovery initiatives are cost-shared on a 60:40 basis between the federal government and participating provinces or territories.

Initiatives are typically delivered by the participating province/territory, or its delivery agent. However, in some cases initiatives have been delivered by the federal government.

Further information can be found on the AgriRecovery Guide.

Contact information

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For information about individual AgriRecovery initiatives, please contact the applicable administrators.

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