Dairy Processing Investment Fund: Step 3. How to apply

Step 3. How to apply

Intake period: Closed

The application intake period for the Dairy Processing Investment Fund is now closed.

Application process

There are no delays expected.

Online applications should be processed within 100 business days.

Note: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will decide whether or not to fund the project based only on an assessment of the full application package.

A full application package will normally consist of:

  • Business Plan (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada template)
  • Copies of all financing agreements related to the project
  • Documentation in support of the costs detailed in the project budget, such as quotes, estimates or contracts
  • Financial statements for the past three years
  • Project Work Plan (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada template)
  • Project Budget (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada template)
  • Project Financing Plan (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada template)
  • Project Performance Information (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada template)
  • Pro Forma Financial Statements for three years after project completion (Capital Investment Project only)
  • Signed Application Form (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada template)

Assessment criteria

An application must be complete in order for staff to begin the assessment. Applications will be assessed against the following criteria, as applicable:

  • eligibility (of applicants, activities, costs, location, project timelines);
  • capability of the applicant to successfully complete the project including:
    • financial capacity including evaluation and validation of all sources and levels of project financing, both government and private; and,
    • managerial capability (experience and track record)
  • how the project will fit into and improve upon the applicant’s existing business for example, improve productivity;
  • level of risk associated with the project after mitigation measures proposed to manage/reduce risk have been considered;
  • benefits to dairy sector to be derived from the project such as increased use of surplus skim milk, milk or milk components (for large cheese makers and dairy processors);
  • extent to which the project is a priority for the dairy industry and how the results will benefits dairy processors (projects from not-for profit organizations);
  • financial, management and marketing capacity of the applicant to generate ongoing and/or increased revenues necessary for business viability.

Having technical problems

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  • as much information as possible about the steps you took before you experienced the problem

Downloading the Application Form using Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome you may need to perform the additional steps:

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    • If you do not have Adobe Reader 11.0 or above, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
    • If you do have the most recent version of Adobe, click on the download arrow icon located on the top right hand corner of the page, this will allow you to save the online Project Application Form directly to your computer.
    • Open the Project Application Form from that saved location.