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Category Equipment Model Supplier Features
Biotechnology Biological safety cabinet BioKlone2 BK-2-6 - Microzone Corporation Type A2, direct air: 502–552 cfm, air-rated entry: 133–144 fpm, air-rated output: 61–71 fpm, Hepa filter
Biotechnology Centrifuge SE15XX03P2 - SPX 17,700-g max, 1.7-L bowl capacity, hydraulic capacity = 5,000 L/hr, 3-phase separation, automatic discharge
Biotechnology Chromatography system MiniPro - Verdot Flow rate of 1-60 L/hr, 6-bar max. pressure, degasser, viscosity 1–5cP, temperature: 4°C–25°C, UV detector: 190–500 nm, conductivity 0–500 mS/cm, 0-14 pH
Biotechnology Ethanol analyzer Chemgard - MSA 0–1,000 ppm
Biotechnology Fermenter BioFlo3000 - New Brunswick Scientific 2 L, regulation of pH, air, agitation, temperature
Biotechnology Fermenter S25 - Solaris pH (0-14), air-TMFC (air, N2, O2, CO2), agitation = 0–800 rpm (Rhuston, Marine, Pitched), temperature (0°C–150°C), OD (4 ppb–25 ppm), REDOX (-1,500mV + 1,500mV), optical density 1x105-7x108 mammalian cell, peristaltic pump, steam bridge, salas system.
Biotechnology Fermenter S200 - Solaris pH, air-TMFC (air, N2), agitation = 0–500 rpm (Rhuston, Marine, Pitched), temperature (0°C–150°C), OD (4 ppb–25 ppm), REDOX (-1,500 mV +1,500 mV), optical density 1x105-7x108 mammalian cell, peristaltic pump, steam bridge, salas system.
Biotechnology Fermenter S1750 - Solaris pH, air-TMFC (air, N2), agitation = 0–300 rpm (Rhuston, Marine, Pitched), temperature (0°C–150°C), OD (4 ppb–25 ppm), REDOX (-1,500 mV + 1,500 mV), optical density 1x105-7x108 mammalian cell, peristaltic pump, steam bridge, salas system.
Biotechnology Microscope Leitz Lens 4, 10, 40, 100x
Biotechnology Microencapsulation system ENCAPSULATOR  VarD2Go - Nisco Plates: 6 and 12 holes: 80 to 1,000 µm, aerodynamic mode: 100 to 350 µm, coaxial mode, 30°C-70°C, cooling system, sterile and atmospheric condition
Biotechnology Rotary incubator shaker Enviro-Shaker 3597 - Lab-Line Instruments inc Erlenmeyer incubation from 250 to 4 L, temperature, agitation
Biotechnology Steam sterilizer SV-136H - Steris Pre-vacuum sterilizer is equipped with pre-vac, gravity, flash, express, leak test, and daily air removal test cycles
Baking/Grain Baguette moulder Faessler Information on request
Baking/Grain Bolter Information on request Information on request
Baking/Grain Air classifying mill CLM-18 - Prater Industries Inc 150 to 3 microns, 1 kg/h
Baking/Grain Continous dough mixer 2MT1A - ET Oakes Corporation Information on request
Baking/Grain Divider-rounder 11/31 RH-Propat (Erika) 4,500 to 7,500 pieces/hr, 20 to 595 g, 8 tray options
Baking/Grain Dough former H6 - Mono Information on request
Baking/Grain Dough mixer Blakeslee V-20 20 L
Baking/Grain Dough mixer National 100–200 g flour
Baking/Grain Dough mixer-cutter VCM44E - Stephan Canada Information on request
Baking/Grain Dough sheeter DL18DPCSST-Despres Laporte Inc Dough sheet up to 17'' wide, up to 250/hr, 9 levels thick
Baking/Grain Final proofer PPR-1S-1DS - Picard Équipement de Boulangerie Inc. 18 tray trolley
Baking/Grain Grain cleaner 6F6 - Kice  Continuous, 38-50 kg/hr
Baking/Grain Gravity separator 30DC - Oliver Uniform flow depending on the type of grain, 1-hp motor, grains from 1/4" to 3/8": 500 lbs/hr, 1/8" to 1/4": 250 lbs/hr, 1/16" to 1/8": 100 lbs/hr, grains smaller or equal to 1/16': 50 lbs/hr
Baking/Grain Hammer mill MM-4 - Shuttle-Buffalo Variable speed, maximum of 3,475 rpm, rate of 20 kg/hr, 5-kg feeding tank , grains, flax, colza, soy
Baking/Grain Laboratory mill MLU-202 - Bühler-Miag Information on request
Baking/Grain Loaf volumeter National 400–1,000 cm3, 1,675–3,000 cm3
Baking/Grain Moisture analyzer for grain Information on request Information on request
Baking/Grain Pasta extruder IPE66 - Italiana FoodTech InFD Two basins: 12 kg flour (6+6), 6 kg flour + 1.8L of liquid, mixing bowl: 8 kg, flow rate: 55-66 lbs, linguine: 2, 3, 4mm, spaghetti: 0.8, 1.5, 2, 2.5mm, fusili: 2 and 3 segments, penne, macaroni: 4, 6, 8, 10 mm
Baking/Grain Ravioli maker IRM-A - Italiana FoodTech InFD 50 to 150 raviolis/min, 7 ravioli sizes and shapes, square, rectangular, 1/2 moon, round
Baking/Grain Rotary bolter Information on request Information on request
Baking/Grain Rotary screener K24-3-SS - Kason Mesh sizes from 14 to 165
Baking/Grain Seed germinator G1000 - Conviron Fluorescent lamp, 15°C–30°C , humidity 0%-98% RH, interior capacity 35ft 3, 5 trays 21.5" x 36", fan speed 30%-100% of voltage
Baking/Grain Sieve shaker ATM - Arrow Information on request
Baking/Grain Testing screens TS-1 - Gilson Inc 6 fractions in 5 minutes, tray capacity of 0.22 m3
Baking/Grain Twin arm dough mixer ITM-30 - Italiana FoodTech InFD Dough (including all ingredients): min. 3 kg–max 30 kg, flour only, min 2 kg–max 18 kg
Baking/Grain Twin screw extruder MPF24 - Baker Perkins Information on request
Cold conservation Beverage air-preparation table SPE48-18M -Doyon Cuisine Inc Maintains products between 2°C and 4°C, 18 pans
Cold conservation Blast chiller TB013 - Traulsen From 60°C to 4°C in 90 minutes
Cold conservation Cryogenic quick-freezing cabinet SIPROFREEZE BF-11C - Sipromac  24 trays, -90°C
Cold conservation Ice freezer Information on request Depending on the level of ice in the freezer
Cold conservation Refrigerated preparation table – pizza IMK-PT-47 - Doyon Cuisine Inc 0.5°C–5°C, 6 clear food pans, 12 ft3
Cold conservation Refrigerated preparation table, 32'' 4432N-12M - Doyon Cuisine Inc 0°C–4°C
Cold conservation Refrigerated work table 1704TS1P4060 - Propat 1 door, 10 trays, -40°C, 13 kg/h
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Bowl cutter RET-MAT30A33-SS - Marcus Information on request
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Centrifuge mill ZM 200 - Retsch Maximum granulation 10 mm, fine particles less than 40 um, rotation speed = 6,000 rpm–18,000 rpm, 240 g–1 kg/hr
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Colloidal mill (vertical microcut) MC-15 - Stephan Canada 3,480 U/min, various blade sizes, 1,200kg/h
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Cone mill Comil 196-5 - Quadro Engineering 4,000 kg/hr, 1,750 rpm, continuous processing
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Disintegrator RA 2-12-K1 - Rietz Continuous processing, 3,600 rpm, various mesh sizes
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Food processor FP-250 - Hobart Various blades, continuous processing
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Hammer mill G5HFSI - Prater Industries Inc 3 m3
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization High speed chopper 3600   Comitrol - Urschel 750-mm cutting head, continous feeder
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Horizontal microcut  MCH20FSH - Stephan Canada 3,550 rpm, 40-L tank, up to 1,200 L/hr, various blade sizes
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Mobile homogenizer Omala 200 - Rannie 0–200 L/hr
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Ultrasonic cutter GH1-SU - Matiss Inc Minimum 60 cups/h, baking tray 18'' x 28'', cuts food at least 6 inches thick, 2 blade options, controllable knife in all directions, programmable
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Vegetable preparation machine CL50 - Robotcoupe USA Inc. 250 kg/hr, 425 rpm, various disks: grater, slicer, ripple cut slicer, dicing kit, french fry kit,
Cutting/Grinding/Homogenization Wet mill Quadro-HV1 - Quadro HV 10–95 L/min
Cooking Bakery oven Modulux 32-2 - Picard Équipement de Boulangerie Inc 2 independent modules 28"W x 7.5"H x 54"L, panaromic window, digital control, double doors with 8' opening, indoor light, independent temperature control from the top and bottom, steam system, time, light
Cooking Cook tank under vacuum CT10 cook tank - DC Norris 1,040 L
Cooking Cooker with dome for vacuum 25VP - Lee Industries Information on request
Cooking Direct steam kettle KDT - 5T - Entreprise Julien Pressure of 5–45 psi, capacity of 18.9 L
Cooking Electric counter tilting kettle K12ETT - Hobart Maximum volume: 45 L, 32°C–149°C
Cooking Fryer PFC 570 - Perfect Fry Company 8 L oil, 8 pre-set programs, 1 kg per basket
Cooking Grill XPE-12 - Garland Cooking surface: 12'' x 24'', time control, temperature, plate movement, 800 watts, 3 heating elements per plate
Cooking Microwave oven MIP4  - Ferrite Microwave Technologies Maximum product: internal tray 31" in diameter, door opening 23"H x 28"L , modifiable parameters; power: 5 Kw to 35 Kw, processing time (s)
Cooking Mixer-cutter-cooker (Stephen 60L) UMSK60E - Stephan Canada 80% of the volume of the bowl, double wall, vacuum, direct and indirect steam, cooling, different types of blades, scraping
Cooking Multi-cook oven VECTOR VMC-H4 - Alto Shaam 4 independent cells of 3.5''H x 14.5''L x 19''W
Cooking Oven LGEC1 - LG 4 electric radiant elements and convection oven
Cooking Panini grill PDR - Eurobid 2 work surfaces of 9'' x 9'', temperature from 50°C to 300°C (from 120°F to 570°F)
Cooking Rational combi-oven SCC-202E - Rational Pan 20 x 18 x 26 inches, 300–500 meals/day, trolley
Cooking Rotating rack convection oven OV310E - Baxter Can hold up to 8 26' x 18' trays with 4-inch spacing
Cooking Single burner pasta cooker CPG1/45 - Desco USA 45-L tank (11.89 gallons)
Cooking Table top cooker-mixer TDC/TA2-20 - Groen 23 L, double jacket
Cooking Thermomix TM5 61472 Varoma - Elnova Information on request
Cooking Universal cutter-cooker UMC 12 1,750–3,500 rpm, 12 L
Cooking Vacuum steam jacketed kettle TDC/2/RA-20 - Groen 23 L, double jacket
Exchanger Heat exchanger, U3 U3 - Thermo Transcal S.E.N.C. Flow: U3 0.2-2m3/hr, U3= 0-90°C, viscosity = 10.3 x 10-6 at 20 PaS (yogurt, milk , juice, oil), tubes: 7
Exchanger Heat exchanger, U5 U5 - Thermo Transcal S.E.N.C. Flow: 2–20m3/hr, 0°C–90°C, viscosity = 1–100 PaS (chocolate, molasses, purée, syrup), tubes: 19
Exchanger Mobile plate exchanger, 4L A3-HBN - Alfa-Laval 4 L, 7.6 bar, 110°C
Exchanger Thermoregulated basin Bectrol 50 L, heating capacity up to 99°C 
Packaging/Sealing Bag sealer RS-140C - Riqtech Inc. Max speed: 60 FPM, max temperature: 220°C
Packaging/Sealing Can sealer UVGD-AL   S12-V - Wells Can Company Semi-automatic, 10 cans/min, 3 sealing modes (atmospheric, vacuum, gas), adjustable can box size (211, 300, 401, 404), vacuum to 27'' Hg.
Packaging/Sealing Leak detector FP322619 - FlexPak Leak test: 1 pack at a time, dry chamber test: maximum to cover the bottom, chamber: 32" x 26" x 19", 27' Hg vacuum, vacuum packaging option
Packaging/Sealing Pot sealer 1000 VG - Dyno Information on request
Packaging/Sealing Printer 8900 - Linx Plastic, cardboard, 3 lines, 1,000 programs, 7.28 m/s, variable speed conveyor belt, printing up to 6 lines of text, numbers, barcodes and standard logos
Packaging/Sealing Tray packaging machine SIPROSEAL TS-30 - Dyno 495-mm film, modified atmosphere conditioning (MAP) or sealing only
Packaging/Sealing Sipromax  sealer 550A - Sipromac Inc. Information on request
Packaging/Sealing Skinpack sealer RM331 MK III - Trigon Intact VSP International 300 mm x 310 mm x 45 mm max pack, Intact film
Packaging/Sealing Vac-U-Seal vacuum sealer 300 - Sipromac Inc. Information on request
Packaging/Sealing Vacuum sealer 450A - Sipromac Inc. Double sealing bars
Incubation Climate chamber ICH750C - Memmert 10°C–50°C, 10%–80% RH
Incubation Climate chamber HPP 750 - Memmert 5°C–70°C, 10%–90% RH
Incubation Environmental chamber SE-600-6-6 - EPM Mecanic Display in °C, vibration: 5 to 60 GRMS (2 Hz to 10 kHz), internal chamber volume: 0.55 m3 (1,040 mm L x 590 mm W x 900 mm H), 7°C to 88°C, 10% to 98% humidity
Incubation Environmental test chamber T36STR-5.0R-A-100-VTVQ-E - TPS 36 ft3, -70°C to 177°C, 20% to 95% humidity, 100,000 feet above sea level
Dairy Aerating mixer F-016 - EBR Information on request
Dairy Basin agitator Information on request Information on request
Dairy Biological safety cabinet 1377-ThermoScientific Type A2, air outlet 58–68 CFPM, UV lamp, Hepa filter
Dairy Brining vat Alfa-Laval 500L
Dairy Cooker-cutter UMM/SK 40 - Stephan Canada Bowl 40 L, 120 kg/hr, 30 L/ batch, 6–10 min/batch, max temperature 127°C, motor speed 1,500–3,000 rpm
Dairy Cooker-filler JN-500CS - EBR Information on request
Dairy Continuous ice cream freezer MF75-Alfa-Laval 100 L/hr
Dairy Culture incubator 6/4 - Lab. Wiesby Viscubator 6 × 5 L, 30°C–60°C
Dairy Curd basin Information on request Information on request
Dairy Curd mill M 250 E type SEP -Damrow 30 x 30 cm, 25 knives
Dairy Double-O cheese vat 4MX - Kusel 65 gallons (250 L), 47" L x 30" W x 14" H , 3 vats
Dairy Double-screwed cheese cooker Information on request Information on request
Dairy Emulsion analyzer Information on request Information on request
Dairy Finishing table RE748114FT - Kusel 125 kg
Dairy Horizontal cheese press LS - Kusel Dry extracts ranging from 17% to 45%, 25 x 9 kg
Dairy Hydraulic cheese press Information on request 300 bar maximum
Dairy Ice cream machine C706-27 - Taylor Crown 3.2-L cooling cylinder, 18.9-L mixing hopper, flavour, pump system
Dairy Italian ice cream machine 5030 POLA - Musso 2 L/batch (± 30 minutes)
Dairy Lactic curd press filter Tecnal Dry extracts ranging from 17% to 45%
Dairy Maturation chamber Thermicon se-15 - Sotek Depending on the size of the chamber, 8oC to 18oC, 70%–98% RH, air change 3 L/h max, air mixing 10/hr
Dairy Milk can pasteurizer Information on request Information on request
Dairy Milk reception Milk keeper SND - APV-Hall-Crepaco inc 2 x 4,500 L
Dairy Pre-pressing vat 504 OP - Perfora Vertical press, 10 kg–20 kg
Dairy Rectangle cheese vat Alfa-Laval 2 vats x 400 L
Dairy Refrigerated growth chamber (incubator) Information on request Information on request
Dairy Rheolution CoaguSens Connect - Rheolution Inc Resolution from 1 sec to 120 min, measurement from 10 sec to 1,200 hr, 0 to 10 000 Pa, 20°C to 50°C
Dairy Skimming centrifuge 618 - DeLaval Continuous processing, 3,600 rpm, various mesh sizes
Dairy Tunnel press Alfa-Laval 4 x 10 kg, 10 x 1 kg
Dairy Water bath Information on request Information on request
Vegetables/Fruits Commercial cold-press juicer with crusher X6 - Goodnature 180 kg–270 kg fruits/h, min: 20 kg
Vegetables/Fruits Commercial juicer 8000 XB Advance - CitrusAmerica Fruit basket: 46 lbs, adapter: small/large fruit, 46 fruits per minute
Vegetables/Fruits De-stoning machine EP500 3X220V VORAN - Elnova Grid: 0.5mm (nectar), 1 mm (pulp), 2mm (purée), 3 mm (cherry), 5 mm plum 8 mm (apricot), 500 kg/h
Vegetables/Fruits Elevator-grinder VO SA200-RM2.2 3X220 Voran - Elnova Centrifuge mill: 7 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm, 1,000 kg/h
Vegetables/Fruits Potato and vegetable peeler XC-60T - Blakeslee 23 kg–27 kg/1–3 min
Vegetables/Fruits Slicer-pealer GK -POUR C - Urschel 2,500 kg/hr, size (0.6 cm, 1.0 cm, 1.3 cm), dicer, strip cutter, slicer
Vegetables/Fruits Spin dryer K50-100S - Kronen (Mosur) Nylon net, programmable (99 programs), speeds: 250, 350, 450, 550, 650, 750, 850 rpm, 45 L (30 L, 10 kg (22 lbs) of hardwood/operation), hourly and counter-clockwise rotation
Vegetables/Fruits Transverse slicer OV - Urschel 1/16 in, straight or ripple
Vegetables/Fruits Vegetable chopper Information on request Information on request
Vegetables/Fruits Vegetable washer ATIR II - L'atelier du Chef Quebec Inc. 289.5-L, basket, hydraulic tilt discharge, variable-speed pump for water recirculation to make swirls, drain, timer
Mixer Commercial mixer CB15N - Waring 1 gallon (4 L), 3 speeds: 15,800 rpm, 18,000 rpm, 20,800 rpm
Mixer Double shaft paddle mixer Information on request Information on request
Mixer Mixer, 12 pt HL120 - Hobart 12 pints, 3 speeds, flat agitator, whip, hook, dough
Mixer Mixer, 20 pt HL200 - Hobart 20 pints, 3 speeds, flat agitator, whip, hook, dough
Mixer Mixer, 40 pt HL400 - Hobart 40 pints, 3 speeds, flat agitator, whip, hook, dough
Mixer Mixer blender, 10 L Information on request Information on request
Mixer Pallet mixer MAXICATOR 10002401 - IUH 400 ml
Mixer Powder incorporater Information on request Continuous processing
Mixer V mixer VCB-001 - Ross 1 ft3
Measurement/Analysis ATP Hygiene Monitoring System SystemSURE V.2 - Hygenia One analysis per swab,   1 x 10-15 moles ATP
Measurement/Analysis CO2/O2 analyzer Check point 3, PD60056 - Mocon/Dan sensor Depending on the packaging
Measurement/Analysis Dairy/meat product analyzer KMAT FoodScan LAB - FOSS North America, Inc Result analysis: < 1 min., powder, liquid, viscous, solid, fat, protein, salt, collagen, humidity, pH, 400 nm–2,500 nm, accurate: < 0.05 nm
Measurement/Analysis Data acquisition system Information on request Information on request
Measurement/Analysis Data logger SCORPION - Reading Thermal System Information on request
Measurement/Analysis Density meter ME51324450 - Mettler-Toledo, Inc. 10 mL
Measurement/Analysis Dielectric constant measurement E5063A - Keysight 100 Hz–3 GHz, coaxial probe, resonant cavity
Measurement/Analysis Fat analyzer Oracle (Smart 6) - CEM Corporation Depending on the product (0.05%–100% fat)
Measurement/Analysis FT-NIR spectrometer NICOLET IS5N - Thermo fisher DTGS detector (deurated triglycin sulfate)
Measurement/Analysis Handheld temperature and humidity meter HH314A - Omega Resolution 0.1°C, 0.1°F, 0.1% RH
Measurement/Analysis Image quality analyzer SnapQC Vision system 10-08057-01 - Montrose Technologies 3D/colour, LED, analysis surface: 407 mm L x 153 mm H x 305 mm W (16" L x 6" H x 12" W), industrial PC, 17' touch screen
Measurement/Analysis Metal detector PRO Advantage LS - Mettler-Toledo, Inc. Detect iron and non-ferrous metal pieces of 2mm and up, non-magnetic, spherical and non-spherical pieces of stainless steel of 4 mm and up
Measurement/Analysis Microscopy PVM - Mettler-Toledo, Inc. Optical resolution ˃ 2m, continuous analysis
Measurement/Analysis Microwave muffle furnace 905401 - Phoenix   CEM Corporation 8 quartz crucibles
Measurement/Analysis MID analyzer Particle Track G600 - Mettler-Toledo, Inc. Depending on the type of product, continuous analysis, particle concentration greater than 0.1%
Measurement/Analysis Moisture/solids analyzer SMART 6 / 904400 - CEM Corporation 1–5 g
Measurement/Analysis Muffle furnace 8501011-2 - Pyradia 20 porcelain crucibles
Measurement/Analysis Particle track analyzer FBRM - Mettler-Toledo, Inc. Continuous analysis, particle size higher than 2 µm
Measurement/Analysis Penetrometer K95500 - Koehler 0 mm–62 mm on a scale of 1/10 mm or 1/100 mm
Measurement/Analysis Portable colour meter COLOR GUIDE 45/0 - BYK GARDNER L  * a * b   C*ab  h°ab
Measurement/Analysis Protein analyzer Sprint - CEM Corporation Continuous processing
Measurement/Analysis Radio frequency system (temperature) RFC1000 - Madgetech  -20°C to 80°C, -95% RH, interior 500 ft, exterior 2,000 ft, 64 maximum connections -20°C to 85°C, 0%–95% RH, interior 500 ft, exterior 2,000 ft, 64 maximum connections
Measurement/Analysis Temperature controler Information on request Information on request
Measurement/Analysis Thermal camera TESTO885-2 - Testo FPA detector 320 x 240 pixels, a.Si, -20°C to 100°C
Measurement/Analysis Single-simple micro osmometer 3320 - Advanced Instrument Inc. Information on request
Measurement/Analysis Viscometer DV1MLVTJO - Brookfield Nos. 61 to 64
Measurement/Analysis Water activity measurement HP23-AW-SET.2.02 - Rotronic At one third of the filling cuvette, 0%–100% HR, -100°C to 200°C
Measurement/Analysis Water analyzer PS9 Pool Pro - Myron L Conductivity (KCl) = 0–9,999 µs/cm 10–200 mS/cm, dissolved total solid = 0–9,999 ppm   10–200 ppt, oxido-reduction potential = ±999 mV, pH = 0–14, alcalinity and hardness of water = 0–800 ppm and 0–1,710 ppm
Cleaning CIP unit C.I.P. - C.O.P. - Economics Lab Mobile unit
Cleaning Commercial dryer DN0050EC-71EB1X-SWKSS-USX - Dexter Laundry Clothing only
Cleaning Commercial washer T-600 - Dexter Laundry 40 lbs, clothing only
Cleaning Dishwasher PW10ER - Hobart 10 trays or 140 mixing bowls, door opening 33.79'', 5.46 L of water per cycle
Cleaning Double wash basin Information on request Information on request
Cleaning Floor washer SC750 - Nilfisk Ecoflex system; tank allows 84 min of continuous cleaning, 80-L tank
Cleaning Foam generator Information on request Information on request
Cleaning Rinsing-air blowing machine SSMP - Tardito 2 bottles at a time, 300–400 bottles/hr
Pastry/Confectionery Candy machine ECBM0100 - Les équipements Lapierre Inc Information on request
Pastry/Confectionery Chocolate melter and conditionner Temperer/mini-air depositor - Savage Bros 55 lbs, Max. temperature: 87.5°C, 1,500 watts
Pastry/Confectionery Cookie dough depositor FG079-V40/45-W - Faessler Inc Template: 4-row 101.6-mm standard pitch ; Template: 6-row 67.3-mm standard pitch; 4-row 4" rotating pitch; 16.5" adjustable plate cake template, plastic nozzle kit (round and starry) total of 84 nozzles, 10-L tank
Pastry/Confectionery Cooling and heating table 813 - Savage Bros Surface of 36'' x 72"; rolls and knives
Pastry/Confectionery Cream extruder and cutter 4500 - Savage Bros 5-kg tank, depending on the product; 12 kg/h varies according to the chosen parameters and the product; nozzle: 7/8''
Pastry/Confectionery Crystallizer TR - GOAVEC 200 L, 11.8 rpm–67 rpm
Pastry/Confectionery Frozen drink 428 - 27 - Bazinet Taylor 20-L tank
Pastry/Confectionery Maple butter mixer EM 100-00000456 - Les équipements Lapierre Inc 12–15 min of mixing
Pastry/Confectionery Mini wheel enrober ENRO-6 - Perfect Equipment Inc Continuous processing
Pastry/Confectionery Top automatic electric cooker mixer FireMixer-14 - Savage Bros Optimal capacity: 9–10 kg, 20–60 minutes, 100°F–435°F
Portion/Flow Filling lift tower Unifiller Information on request
Portion/Flow Filling mixer Information on request Continuous processing
Portion/Flow Gravity filler B4BCB - Elnova 400 bottles/hr
Portion/Flow Jacketed funnel Information on request Information on request
Portion/Flow Magnetic flow meter Information on request Continuous processing
Portion/Flow Pneumatic bottle capper PS pneumatic - Kinex cappers Cap from 10 mm to 170 mm
Portion/Flow Power lift filler G6-30 - Geninox Min volume: 24 L; 3-way rotary valve system for liquid and heavy products; 2-inch cylinders/pistons for dosage of 50 mL to 445 mL per cycle, 80°C–100°C max
Portion/Flow Single-piston depositor UNIVERSAL 1000I - Unifiller 80 psi, 4°C–60°C and 60°C–82°C max
Portion/Flow Variable-rate feeder Information on request Information on request
Portion/Flow Volumetric counter RZ 2 CE Information on request
Portion/Flow Volumetric feeder 300 - AccuRate Flow rate: from 0.000075 ft3/hr to 4.16 ft3/hr
Portion/Flow Weigh filler F-100, F-T01-A - Tridyne 0–100 g, 0–500 g
Tank/Pump/Balance Balance Information on request Information on request
Tank/Pump/Balance Pump Information on request Information on request
Tank/Pump/Balance Tank Information on request Simple and double wall, various volumes: 25 L–1,000 L
Drying Commercial dehydrator system R5A - Commercial Dehydrator Systems 14 24" x 38" perforated trays; 1/5'' GRID plastic sheet; heating: 9,040 kW/h; fan: 0.65 kW/h; 20°C–93°C
Drying Fluid bed dryer Aeromatic - Niro 500 g/batch
Drying Fluid bed dryer LFB-mini - Neuhaus Neotec 100 g–1,600 g, fluidization, encapsulation, agglomeration, Wurster technique, heating by air up to 80°C
Drying Fluidized bed agglomerator K24130-IFBD-S9 - Kason Information on request
Drying Freeze dryer Sublimator 50-3 EKS - Zirbus Condensor capacity: 40 kg water/24 hr, 16 trays, 2 L/tray, temperature range: < -55°C up to +80°C, final vacuum: < 0.001 mbar
Drying Freeze dryer 50L ULTRA EL-85 - Virtis Condensor capacity: 20 kg water/24h, 14 trays, 1.5L/tray, temperature range: < -55°C up to +65°C
Drying Spray dryer (small) B-191 - Buchi 1.5 L water/hr
Drying Spray dryer (medium) ND -GEA 5 L/hr (water, 1.6-mm ID tubing )
Drying Spray dryer (large) Micra Spray 750 -SPX Air flow: > 630 kg/h, maximum feeding capacity: 120 kg, 35 kg water/hr; 200°C inlet/90°C outlet, max. intake temperature of 350°C
Separation Basket centrifuge STM-2000-146/VFS - Western State 20 kg or 7.4 L (0.26ft3), filter of various porosities (15–150 m) and reusable, 3,600 rpm max (2,600 g), basket: 14in diameter x 6 inches deep
Separation Centrifuge TA-1-01-52 300 L/hr
Separation Centrifuge SE 102WCV - Seital 4,000 g, 3,000 L/hr, automatic discharge
Separation Ceramic filtration system 1ZMAG080D000SA0000C - Qualtech Solutions Inc TAMI ceramic membrane 25-mm diam. x 1,178 mm long (0.1 m2), min vol of 50 L, 3–6 m/s, MF: 0.14, 0.20, 0.45, 0.8, 1.4 um, UF: 15, 50, 150 kDa, NF: 1, 3, 5, 8 kDa
Separation Classifier Mini Split-Prater 2–3 kg/hr, humidity < 15%, size < 1,500 µm
Separation Drycake DR250-EF - Drycake Continuous processing at 4,800 rpm, 3 phases, automatic discharge
Separation Filter press 6-12A   Star No. 6 - Star Continuous processing, depending on the size of the filter, 8.5 L
Separation Laboratory sieve Information on request No. 6 (3.35 mm), 10 (2 mm), 14 (1.4 mm), 18 (1 mm) 25 (710 µm), 35 (500 µm), 45 (355 µm), 50 (300 µm)
Separation Membrane separation unit UF-180S -Koch 1 tubular or spiral membrane, 19 m2
Separation Microfiltration unit Prototype - AAC Carter of 3 membranes
Separation Microfiltration unit MFS-7 - Alfa-Laval Carter of 3 membranes, 1.4 m2
Separation Nanofiltration unit AAC 2 hollow-fibre membranes
Separation Reverse osmosis system BE100XB - H20 Innovation Inc Continuous processing, 600 psi, 45°C, pH of 3-10, turbidity of 1.0 NTU, 500 gal/hr, 5 µm filter membrane, 40" x 8˝, H2O 70–400 membrane
Separation Ultrafiltration unit UFS 4/6 - Alfa-Laval Romicon membrane, 6 x 2.3m2
Separation Vibrating sieve 18-30 -Kason 14–165 mesh
Processing Deaerator DD500 - AlfaLaval 1,000–3,000 L/hr
Processing Electrolyzed water ELA2000 - Omny-Lite 435 L (115 gallons), variable pH , 500 ppm free chlorine solution
Processing Irradiator 651T - Nordion International Cobalt 60, gamma beam, 1g – 4 0" x 48" x 50" pallets, 10 gram–30 kilograms
Processing Ohmic system 8-1-E-X-X-X-2 - Agro Progress Inc 300 L, 150–500 kg/h, treatment temperature: 80°C–140°C, products with or without air-free pieces with minimal conductivity of 1 milli-Siemens/cm
Processing Ozonator Ensure-60ATS - Guardian Ignition Interlock Manufacturing Inc 700 L, 0–8 ppm ozonated water
Processing Pasteurization system (medium) HTST1 - Qualtech Solutions Inc Information on request
Processing Pasteurization system (large) HTST2 - Qualtech Solutions Inc Information on request
Processing Pilot sterilizer YRI_900-0-BV-VA-WT Pilot Steriliser - STOCK Canada Inc Immersion treatment, semi-immersion, steam, runoff, steam/air, saturated steam, 8 holds, 12-mm thick Plastic Spacing Int. cage: 575 mm L, 575 L, 450 mm H "ICONSMS" control system
Processing Plate evaporator APV - EBR Continuous processing, 180-200 kg H2O/hr (50°C)
Processing Pulse electric field-liquid PEF 10 Generator - Pulsemaster B.V. 0–480 L/hr, 10 kilowatts, controllable parameters: voltage, pulse time, frequency, treatment temperature
Processing Pulse electric field-solid PEF Batch - Pulsemaster B.V. Equipment power: 10 Kv to 30 Kv, capacity of 0.5 L to 12.5 L for maximum 0.5 to 6 Kv/cm, controllable parameters: voltage, pulse time, frequency, processing temperature, flow
Processing Scraped-surface heat exchanger Dillow crimper - Qualtech Solutions Inc GD: 50–200 kg/hr
Processing Steam generator Information on request Information on request
Processing UHT system SPP - SPX Continuous processing, various retention times, plate, tubular, direct and indirect steam treatment, aseptic tank and aseptic cabinet, 80–150 L/hr
Processing Ultrasonic cleaner ES XTRA ST 1600H - Elma Batch, 48-gal tank, 25-kHz coarse cleaning, 45-kHz fine cleaning, 30°C–80°C
Processing Ultrasonic processor UIP500Hdt - KWI Kunststoffwerk Industries Inc 37 L, 500 watts
Processing Vacuum evaporator LAB E - Anhydro Continuous processing, 25 kg/hr (40°C)
Category Equipment Model Supplier Features
Meat Clipper KDCM 200 - Pemberton & Associates Inc Semi-automatic, pneumatic knife, 22-mm x 525-mm flute, optical/adjustable longitudinal stop, loop feeding device, clip coil system, wire dispenser, 45-mm–110-mm hose diameter, electric meter, compatible with vacuum pusher
Meat Cutting saw 3334SS - Biro 150-mm ribbon saw
Meat Double-action mixer 100-DA-70 - Leland 50 kg
Meat Electric countertop rotisserie Alto-Shaam AR-7E - Alimex Baskets and pins, 250°F to 425°F, cooking time: 1 min to 4 hours, 32'' x 20' x 40'', 21 1.6-kg chickens, 28 1.1-kg–1.4-kg chickens
Meat Fresh sausage portioner Information on request Information on request
Meat Frozen meat flaker/slicer 3100 S/M - General Machinery Corporation Size: 23 cm × 51 cm × 61 cm, 8 scissors
Meat Hydraulic piston filler Information on request 25 L
Meat Injector SPI-12 - Siproinjec Injection capacity: 6 gal/min (23 L/min) – 30 psi, corrosion-proof pump, stainless-steel brine tank, 6.6 gallons (25 L), operator-controlled speed, single-needle, product 1"–6.5" and less
Meat Lidded press Information on request Information on request
Meat Manual piston clipper SPR465L - Pemberton & Associates Inc Information on request
Meat Manual slicer MG300 Continuous processing, max cut = 195 mm, cut thickness = 0 mm–25 mm
Meat Meat chopper-grinder PM-114L - Mainca European head, 3 sectors, bone separator, simple, double and triple cut, 1,000 kg/hr
Meat Meat tumbler IP54 - Cenquip Inc 60 L
Meat Meat tumbler MM-50 - Röschermatic 50 L, 16 rpm, 20 kg of salted meat
Meat Mixer PMX90CM - BSA Variable-arm speed, motorized tilting tank, 8 kg to 50 kg
Meat Multi-needle pickle injector 140-RCB - Mepsco 140 needles
Meat Serial meet tumbler 5-20-vv220 - Atelier P.M.G 0-rpm–-30-rpm variable agitation, clockwise and counter-clockwise agitation, 2 series x 5 tanks x 20 L, Busch pump, SAE-30 type, vacuum of 20 mbar
Meat Skinning membrane removal DC500 - Kason Pork and fish, knife width: 460 mm
Meat Smokehouse SC-20 - Sipromac Inc 450 lbs of ham with bone, max. 322°F, 1 cart with 5 levels
Meat Vacuum mixer Type 0 - Lutetia 100 kg of salted meat, vacuum, 5-rpm rotation
Meat Vacuum stuffer RS110 - Pemberton & Associates Inc 70 L, 450 servings/min, 2,800 kg/hr; 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 17 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 36 mm, 42 mm, 54 mm; 100 programs available; filling pressure: 35 bar; 3 options: 10-mm, 30-mm or 50-mm diameter; compatible with clipper; casing coupling; serving: 5 g–32,000 g