Youth Employment and Skills Program: Step 6. After you apply

Step 6. After you apply

Once your application has been submitted, an acknowledgment notice will be sent to you.

Note: You should not consider an application as submitted to the program until you receive the acknowledgement notice.

1. Your application is assessed


  • review and assess your application against the stage 1 parameters and criteria of the program
  • contact you for additional information if needed
  • notify you in writing of conditional approval or rejection within 50 business days

2. We'll send you a Participant Information Form

If you're successful in stage 1 of the approval process, you'll be notified of the conditional approval of the project and proceed to stage 2 of the approval process.

We'll send you a Participant Information Form for you and the eligible employee to complete. You'll return the completed form to us and we'll assess the eligibility of the employee and determine if the eligibility criteria is met. You're responsible for hiring and verifying the eligibility of your employee.

If the employee is a youth facing barriers, you can indicate in the Participant Information Form if you would like to request additional funding to help address or remove any barriers being faced by the youth.

If the employee (barrier or non-barrier youth) relocated for the positions (over 100 kilometers), you can indicate in the Participant Information Form if you would like to request additional funding for this purpose.

Relocation cost and barrier costs must be declared in the Participant Information Form and approved in order to be claimed during mid-point or final claim.

We, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), reserve the right to revoke conditionally approved funding commitments if the employee identified on the Participant Information Form does not meet program eligibility criteria or satisfy the conditions of the project's approval.

3. We'll send you a contribution agreement

If successful, you must enter into a contribution agreement with AAFC to receive funding. The contribution agreement outlines the amount of funding that will be provided, as well as your responsibilities and obligations.

4. Recipients must complete reports and a Financial Claim Form

Once their contribution agreement is signed and project has ended, we'll provide Recipients with a Financial Claim Form and Final Report templates to be completed by the employer and the employee.

A Financial Claim Form must be completed and certified by an authorized representative of the Recipient. The authorized representative can provide documents and information to us on behalf of that Recipient. We may also require Recipients to submit documents detailing the costs being claimed, such as pay logs or paid receipts. Failure to provide supporting documentation may reduce payments made to Recipients. Recipients are advised to retain supporting claim documentation should we request it.

Projects of less than 6 months

For projects of less than six (6) months, we'll issue 100% of funds at the end of the project, when we receive the final reports, Financial Claim Form, and proof of salary and other expenses paid, if requested.

Projects of 6 to 12 months

For projects of six (6) to twelve (12) months, we'll issue upon request 50% of funds after the first half of the project, only upon receipt of the Financial Claim Form (and proof of salary payment to the candidate and paid receipts, if requested). The payment of the last 50% will be issued at the end of the project, upon receipt of the final reports, the Financial Claim Form, and proof of salary payment to the candidate and paid receipts, if requested.

If your project is eligible for a mid-point payment, contact your Program Officer for more information on how to make a request.

When payments are made

Once we receive your completed and documented financial claim and reports (if applicable), we'll send you a payment within 30 business days.

Also, we'll make payments based on claims submitted for eligible costs incurred and paid by the Recipient in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contribution agreement.

Service standards

Our goal is to:

  • respond to general inquiries made to the program's phone number or email address before the end of the next business day
  • acknowledge receipt of your application within 1 business day
  • process your application within 50 business days
  • send a payment within 30 business days of receiving a duly completed and documented claim form