Tools to manage farm risk and finance

Programs and services that can help you manage the financial risks and needs of your farming business.



Advance Payments Program
Money when you need it, with interest relief and flexible repayment.

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program
Loans backed by the Canadian government, better rates, flexible repayment.

Farm Credit Canada
Flexible financing, AgExpert business management software, information and knowledge.

Protecting your investment

Protect your farm against large income declines, now with a higher compensation rate.

Minimize production losses caused by severe, uncontrollable weather and natural hazards.

A self-managed producer/government savings account to help you manage smaller income declines.

Debt management

Farm Debt Mediation Service
Free and confidential mediation service to help you get your debt repayment back on track.

Cyber security

Cyber security and your farming business
Take practical steps to prevent cyber disruptions and protect your business, employees and partners.

Caring for your mental health

Mental Health in Agriculture
Make your mental health a priority with these resources and expert advice.


AgPal – program and service finder

AgPal – program and service finder

Get a list of federal, provincial and territorial programs and services tailored to your needs

Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership

An investment to strengthen and grow Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector