Drought Watch and agroclimate

Maps, reports and data, historical and current weather and climate, drought, yield forecasts and impacts across Canada.

Quick links

Current and historical conditions

Agroclimate maps

Precipitation, temperature and soil moisture affecting agriculture

Canadian Drought Monitor

Monthly assessment of drought intensity and extent

Satellite Soil Moisture

Highlights where conditions are wetter or drier than normal

Evaporative Stress Index

Satellite-based estimated water loss due to evapotranspiration

Vegetation Drought Response Index

Drought stress on vegetation

Climate normals interactive maps

30-year averages of agroclimate indicators

Forecasted conditions

Extreme Weather Indices

Extreme weather conditions used to predict agriculture risk

Canadian Drought Outlook

Forecasted drought severity and extent

Canadian Crop Metrics

In-season crop assessment and yield forecasts

Impact assessment

Agroclimate Impact Reporter

Citizen science reports on weather and climate impacts to agriculture

National Agroclimate Risk Report

National report on weather-related risks and impacts to Canadian agricultural production

Livestock tax deferral

Prescribed regions under the Livestock Tax Deferral Program

Managing agroclimate risk

Crops, pest management, water, climate profiles

Contact information

Telephone: 613-773-2600
Email: aafc.droughtwatch-guetterlasecheresse.aac@agr.gc.ca

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