Important changes to AgriStability start with the 2024 program year

If you farm in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon or Northwest Territories, the following changes will start with the 2024 program year:

  • the final deadline to submit your AgriStability program forms will change
  • new optional program features will be made available to participants
    • tax-aligned reference margins
    • coverage notices

Advancing deadlines

Starting with the 2024 program year, the final deadline to submit your AgriStability program forms will be:

  • June 30, 2025 - initial deadline to submit your 2024 forms without penalty
  • September 30, 2025 - final deadline to submit your 2024 forms with penalty

Tax-aligned reference margins

You can now choose to have your reference margins calculated based on the same method of accounting you file to tax (cash or accrual) going forward. For cash filers, this means you’ll no longer need to submit up to 5 years of historical accrual information, significantly reducing the information requirement. Learn more on how to choose a tax-aligned reference margin. The deadline to choose a tax-aligned reference margin for 2024 is December 31, 2024.

Coverage notices

To increase the predictability of the program, you can receive a coverage notice that provides an estimate of your reference margin and coverage level for the current program year. These coverages notices will be available to you if you have:

  • enrolled in the program for the current program year
  • elected to have a tax-aligned reference margin
  • submitted your current year’s intended productive units

The coverage notices will be available during the program year and will help you better determine if you’ll be in a payment position and decide whether you need to provide the necessary program year supplementary information. If you believe you would not qualify for a payment, you don’t need to submit a final application. Learn more on how to apply for a coverage notice. The deadline to apply for a 2024 coverage notice is December 31, 2024.

AgriStability is delivered provincially in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. Participants in those provinces should contact their provincial administration for any potential program changes.