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Guidelines and handbooks

Fact sheets

Fact sheets are companions to the Handbooks and provide detailed information.

Publications and forms

2023 Program Year

2022 Program Year

For individuals

For corporations, co-operatives and special individuals

2021 Program Year — Archived

For individuals

For corporations, co-operatives and special individuals

2020 Program Year — Archived

Other publications and forms

Price Lists

The AgriStability Program Price Lists will be used to value your crop and livestock inventory of commodities.

AgriStability Benefit Estimator

Use the AgriStability Benefit Estimator can help you understand how the program works and how AgriStability benefits are calculated.

Industry advisories

Service standard statistics

AAFC is committed to developing and delivering client-focused, results-based programs and services. Performance against service standards will be tracked and the results will be made available to clients on a quarterly basis.

Administrative costs for AgriStability, AgriInvest and AgriInsurance

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