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  • Chicken Farmers of Canada is the national organization responsible for the production and marketing of chicken in Canada.
  • Canadian chicken production generated $3.8 billion in 2022, contributing 4% of cash receipts from agricultural operations in Canada.
  • Overall, in 2022, the 2,826 regulated chicken producers in Canada produced 1.34 billion kilograms of chicken (eviscerated weight), 61% of which was produced in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Canada also counted over 80 chicken primary processing establishments, 41 of which are federally inspected, along with many further processors who depend on supply of chicken for a portion of their business.
  • Chicken remained the most consumed animal meat protein in Canada in 2022 with a per capita disappearance of 35.4 kilograms, slightly higher than the 2021 level, and above the pre-pandemic level. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the chicken industry, with the closure and reduced offers from the food service industry responsible for a significant part of the chicken consumption in Canada.
  • Canadian chicken production is supplemented by imports subject to import controls such as Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQ’s), policies pertaining to supplemental imports, and import to re-export programs.
  • According to Statistics Canada, chicken meat and meat products imports in 2022 totalled 188.1 million kilograms, valued at $862 million, mostly originating from the United States, followed by Brazil and Thailand.
  • That same year, a total of 111.8 million kilograms of chicken meat and meat products, valued at $662 million, were exported to over 50 countries, with the largest importers being the United States, the Philippines, and Taiwan.
  • In 2022, the Canadian commercial poultry and egg industry was affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza with over 7.6 million birds affected in 9 provinces.
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