Hogs / Pork

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Quick Facts 2021
  • 14.03 million hogs on 7,635 farms in Canada ( at Jan 1)
  • Quebec (31%) , Ontario (26%) and Manitoba (24%) account for 81% of Canada’s inventory
  • 21,818,069 hogs slaughtered in federally and provincially inspected establishments in Canada
  • 2.28 million tonnes of pork produced
  • Exports: 6.67 million hogs (of which 55% are weanlings) valued at $738.1 million; 1.44 million tonnes of pork valued at $4.96 billion
  • Imports: 3,867 hogs valued at $4.6 million; 252,124 tonnes of pork valued at 1.63 billion
  • Farm cash receipts from the sale of hogs totaled $6.2 billion, 7.5% of total receipts.

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