Meet the people behind your food

More and more Canadian farmers and agricultural businesses use cutting-edge farming practices to put delicious, quality food on our tables. Discover how they feed Canadians, while protecting our environment and the well-being of their communities – it's all in a day's work for Canadian food producers.

Woman smiling and showing an egg in her hand.

Meet Marie-Pier (video)

Egg producer, Ferme St-Ours, Quebec – See how Marie-Pier uses sustainable practices to ensure the continuity of the farm for other generations.

Man with his arms crossed resting on a wood post with signs on it.

Meet Laurent (video)

Agricultural producer, Van Arkel Farms, Dresden, Ontario – See how Laurent produces food sustainably, to safeguard the farm and soil so his children can carry on the family farm tradition.

A cow sniffs Dominic Perron’s arm

Meet Dominic

Dairy Farmer and President, Nutrinor, Saint-Bruno, Quebec – See how Dominic has a positive impact on his community and promotes a sustainable approach to meet the needs of Canadians.

Karnail, his wife and daughter in front on wine barrels, smiling.

Meet Karnail and his family (video)

Wine producers, Kalala Organic Estate Winery, Kelowna, British Columbia – See how Karnail is proud of his family and their work on the organic farm.

Ben Wiper tending to plants in a greenhouse.

Meet Ben

Founder and CEO, 3F Waste Recovery, Main Brook, Newfoundland – Discover how Ben and his team see the value in waste and are working to give new life to what’s typically seen as unusable.

Nancy’s father with her grandson in his arms, the mother of the child, Nancy’s sons as well as she and her husband in front of a large solar panel.

Meet Nancy and her family

McCrea Farms, Shannon, New Brunswick – See how Nancy and her family are a perfect example of an innovative, hands-on approach to farming solar energy.

Man smiling with his arms crossed.

Meet Tyler (video)

Cattle producer, Tilston, Manitoba – See how Tyler Fewings cares about healthy food production and a healthy environment.

Tarek smiling and holding a large basket of fresh lettuce

Meet Tarek (video)

Producer - Entrepreneur, ColdAcre, Whitehorse, Yukon – Discover how Tarek and his team are making a difference for the planet and for their community.

Dean with his arm around Catherine’s shoulder, both smiling, in a greenhouse, in front of tall greens

Meet Dean and Catherine (video)

Producers, Manning Family Farm, Falmouth, Nova Scotia – Discover how Dean and Catherine embraced environmental sustainability.

Lauren smiling with her arms crossed, in front of thousands of young shoots, in a large greenhouse

Meet Lauren (video)

Entrepreneur, Fermes Lufa, Montreal, Quebec – Discover how Lauren farms responsibly, in the city.

Marie-Pier, Laurent, Karnail and his family and Laurel

Teaser (video)

Discover how Canadian farmers and agricultural businesses are growing a better future and taste their commitment.

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